Key autism service providers in Scotland

Autism Initiatives Scotland's Number 6 One-Stop Shop (OSS) service for autistic adults living in Edinburgh Lothian and Borders. There are more OSSs throughout Scotland modelled on no 6.

Scottish Autism parents' stuff.

NAS National Autistic Society. Widely felt not responsive to what autistics actually want: it has always just chosen its own priorities without any accountability to us. Much of our grassroots has long been frustrated with it. as this letter to its trustees 2015 showed:, without any result.

ARC Glasgow is the OSS for autistic people living in Glasgow. Prospects NAS is an employment and training service for autistic people (offices in Glasgow and London).

Other autism adult groups in Scotland
Triple As autism led peer support charity in Aberdeen. runs a reopened One-Stop Shop service there, after the NAS had closed down the original one.

BAAGS (Borders Aspergers and Autism Group Support) Independent parent-based autism group located in the Borders.

Glasgow Autism Meetup Group Casual, chat and games group. Registration is required. Meetings for this group are shown on the site.


Other autism resources

ANS (Autism Network Scotland) Network hub and signposting organisation for services and resources available for autistic spectrumites, their families and professionals. Axed 2022, exactly because it was working so well participatively: but its team are continuing to make the well-supported case for its existence. So this link is now to its Facebook page.

PASDA Support group for parents and carers of autistic adults (over 16s) living in Edinburgh and Lothian.

IntoWork Organisation that helps people with long-term health conditions and disabilities to secure stable employment living in Edinburgh, East Lothian or Midlothian.

Autistic Groups’ Fairness Watch Organised by an ELAS member, following issues of injustice encountered by people on the autistic spectrum, particularly in the workings of groups.

AAUK (Autism Action UK) UK autism rights campaigning group founded by Kevin Healey. The link has disappeared but its activities are still googlable.

Asperger United magazine, now online, written by autistic people, published through NAS but written independently of it. (puzzled where this link has gone, since its name changed.)

Wrong Planet Large global AS online forum. Free, but registration required.

ASAN (Autistic Self Advocacy Network) US network which advances the principles of the disability rights movement with regard to autism. Founded by Ari Ne'eman.

David Seagrave portfolio The social philosophy and reflective short stories of a late ELAS member.

Aspie Village UK/Ireland AS online forum. Free, but registration required. Much diminished from what it began as, by the bad move of deciding that "a moderator's decision is final and must not be questioned."

Autscape 3 day annual conference centred round autistic peoples' needs and interests.

Equality Act 2010

Jessica Kingsley Publishers Books on autism and related conditions. a web resource that provides whole-life advice and inspiration and sells emergency Medical Alert Systems, i.e. calling buttons. Of interest for older or less physically able spectrumites.

Register Office Near Me Added on request, a British-wide directory site for registry offices. Folks may have had trouble finding them.