Social and supportive, as arises, always focused on autistic issues needs and interests. Able to decide on opinion responses to developments in autism too.

The following obviously is what our meet pattern NORMALLY is. Not during the crisis,  when these 3 places are of course closed and from day to day no meeting place can be planned on to be open nor meeting be wise to plan. In same boat as everyone.

Saturdays weekly, at Filmhouse, Lothian Road 5-6pm and Traverse theatre bar, Cambridge Street off Lothian Road, 6-9pm. We carry a visibility sign.

Traverse is popular for its quietness most of the time. But it can unpredictably be closed for private or pay-entry functions. On those days we stay in Filmhouse, handily just across the road. Sometimes if it gets crowded there later, usually because of a film festival, then we may decide to go to Cameo cinema bar, at Tollcross near the lights, 10 minutes away. The 3 places are checkable in that order.

The group evolved this system as a needed adaptability to autistic sensitivity to crowds and sound levels. It works.

Any exceptions or missed weeks get announced here. NB - on the second Saturdays of Oct-Jul we will finish at 7:00 by reason of a visit to something else that a member is connected to.

(Facebook message us here.)

A weekday meet can also be held, esp in summer, if Saturdays not suiting everyone. So any new folks not suiting the Saturday time, express an interest in another day. - We did this twice last summer.

Edinburgh + Lothian Asperger Society (ELAS) is an independent peer support group for adults, over 16, with any autistic spectrum condition, either diagnosed or personally detected, on roughly the non-learning-disability part of the spectrum: if we are the level you are comfortable with that's fine. No limit on where you live, come any distance, several have.

Enquiries Maurice Frank, chair: to contact box.


About ELAS
ELAS is organised by autistic people and has an elected chair. Membership is free and open to anyone as described above, and to their family like parents and partners. Autism professionals welcome to visit to raise items with us. ELAS adopted its constitution on 12 May 2003.

ELAS aims to provide a community for autistic people to meet, accept, value and support one another and share ideas and coping strategies.
We aim to link with other autism groups, autism professionals and service providers, and to improve services and conditions for autistic people by promoting autism awareness and providing input on autistic issues to government policy documents. ELAS Equality Policy 


ELAS email google group
Members can discuss topics on the email chatlist in confidence. Drop us a line if interested to join it.


A CURRENT ANNOUNCEMENT FROM GLASGOW UNIVERSITY, college of medical, veterinary + life sciences, carried by request.

Face validity and perspectives on a therapeutic alliance questionnaire (the Working Alliance Inventory) from the viewpoint of adults with autism.

Researchers at the University of Glasgow are seeking autistic adults to talk about therapeutic relationships, that is, relationships between therapists and clients, and give opinions on a questionnaire called the Working Alliance Inventory.

  •  Are you autistic? Are you aged 16 or above? If you have answered yes to both questions, you are eligible to take part in this study.

  •  You do not need to have any experience of therapy. We simply ask that you are open to talking about the questionnaire and sharing your thoughts and opinions.

  •  You are invited to attend a face-to-face meeting or participate remotely via Skype.

  •  If you would like to take part in this study, or would like any more information, please contact Katie Rutherford by email or mobile 07554907631.

Thank you for your time.

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